Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in store for Daniel Murphy?

If my name were Daniel Murphy, I would have a complex. On the one hand, he was given the first base job with no real competition after an average (at best) 2009 campaign. The Mets brought in their best first base resource to work with him personally (The great Keith Hernandez). They did all of this and then brought in Mike jacobs to compete for a position. They also have former 1st round pick Ike Davis hanging around as they have all but annointed him as the 1b of the future.

Daniel Murphy is batting .121 this spring, while Ike Davis (who yesterday was assigned to minor league camp) has torn it up to the tune of .480, 3 hrs, and 10 RBIs. Both Jerry and Omar have indicated that they would have no problem bringing him up, if the situation presented itself later in the season. So if Ike Davis is the 1b of the future and maybe even near future, where does that leave Mr. Murphy? He has played 2b before, but by all accounts, his experiment there in AFL 2008 was a disaster. We know what he looks like in the outfield, so that is not an option either. If he were to play an entire season at 1b with best possible scenario type results, which would look something like .290, 18-20 hrs, and 85 or so RBIs, what would that mean going forward? Are the Mets trying to develop him into a valuable trade chip, or are they developing him so that Ike becomes the trade chip?

These are all questions that will likely be answered this summer as the 1b drama continues to unfold. Whatever the result, I guess these are okay problems to have. My suspicion is that by the middle of July, the chants of I like Ike, will be ringing down in Flushing like it's 1952.

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